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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

So, you may have been wondering why we haven't released a lot of new items lately. We have been building both a new website as well as our new headquarters in Brooklyn New York. We renovated a space that was an extinct private social club and made our little home out of it. We transformed a dilapidated old bar into a cotton and short sleeved Valhalla. A true paradise for anyone with discriminating taste in fine screen printed merchandise.

We will be making up for lost time with LOTS of new items. New shirts / prints every week. HUGE Thank you to Toby at d[esign]Void for all his hard work and dedication to the new website!

This summer / fall we will feature items from the bands and artists listed below. Get stoked!


  • Watain
  • Scott Kelly
  • Throats of Gold
  • Thorns
  • Sunn 0)))
  • Touche Amore
  • La Dispute
  • OxBow
  • Glorior Belli
  • All Pigs Must Die (memb. Converge, American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy)


  • Dan Higgs
  • Grez
  • Paul Alexander Thornton
  • Mike shea
  • Dave Cook
  • Anthony Pontius
  • Jondix Mahashakti


  • Florian Bertmer
  • Justin Bartlett
  • Thomas Hooper
  • Seldon Hunt
  • Disappearer
  • Chris "Billy" Coulon /Tall Boy Illustration
  • Kevin Leary
  • Chris O'Donnell
  • Ryan Begley / Eyeball Design
  • Adam Wentworth
  • Aye Jay
  • New York Adorned
  • Tombs
  • Pelican

So, why haven't we said anything about all this? Because we are doers not talkers. So enough talking, welcome to the new Shirts & Destroy!

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