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Viewing: Old Man Gloom

Fuck You Tour leftovers

This shirt says "fuck you" on it really small in the middle. Please don't email us upset over the fact that this says "fuck you" on it. 

These have been sitting in a van for a while and were sold on tour so they may be wrinkeld or have had electrical tape on them at some point. Lets all be cool and accept them as genuine punk rock merchandise which may be slightly imperfect. What do you say? Also, these Womens Extra Wide Large are a strange size. Size tag says "L" but there's no way a "large dude" could wear these unless he wanted to show off most of his stomache. They're short, but wide. They'll look wonderful cascading off a beautiful lady, but silly on a man. 

Price: $15.00

Gloom Army


Black spot print on our "Military Green" AMERICAN CLASSIC T-shirts.


Design by Thomas Hooper

Price: $5.00


These are tour leftovers from the Old Man Gloom tour in May. Stock is limited.

Price: $10.00

Old Man Gloom NYC show poster

3 color hand silk screend poster for May 8th show. 

LTD EDN of 100 copies signed and numbered by Artist Thomas Hooper


Price: $30.00

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